Could a Clothes Airer Save Your Life?

Do you use your tumble dryer daily?

For every load that you dry?

Me too, well I used to!

That was before I started to think about all the fluff (technical term – lint) which I was clearing from the filter every day.

In no time at all I collected a vase full of multi coloured fluff from my machine. I thought about all that fluff growing daily and realised it came from my clothes!

My clothes were being pounded by the drying process that I had chosen for them. They were being slowly worn away by my tumble dryer. No wonder holes develop so quickly and bright colours fade so fast (despite the ‘Colour’ washing liquid I was using).

All that money I spend on clothes is ending up in a vase of fluff. But worse was still to come.

I got to thinking about how the daily use of my tumble dryer affected my bank balance not only through the increased wear and tear of my clothes but also by increasing my energy bill.

While I was thinking about the cost, what struck me was the risk of fire. The fluff can ignite!

But the fluff doesn’t only stay in the filter, I have noticed small amounts on my machine in other areas. Perhaps it could find its way into the electrics of the machine maybe into the heating element. Could the daily use of my drier cost me more than my clothes, could it cost me my life?

I soon calmed down telling myself that the chances of this happening were slim. However there was still and chance and surely the more I used the machine to higher the chance became.

I needed to find a way of using the tumble dryer less. How could I possibly dry a full load of washing without having a large clothes airer standing in the middle of our living area?

A bit of googling led me to find the ideal solution a wall mounted clothes airers, they could even take a full load. I decided to order two. I fixed one above the other over a radiator for extra drying power during the winter. The beauty of them was in the concertina design that let me push them closed against the wall when I wasn’t using them. Space saving in so many ways!

So, am I happy with my new drying routine?

Yes I certainly am. I do still use the tumble drier but only in a drying emergency and as long as I commit to staying on top of the dreaded laundry pile then those emergencies don’t crop up too often. I feel safer and get a satisfaction from the natural drying process that I use.