Dryer Cleaning Services: Is Dryer Cleaning Really Important?

While many of us know the value and importance in needing to have our dryers working properly and efficiently, not everyone understands how important some seemingly small actions really are. Sure we know that keeping the lint tray clean and the duct work freed of debris is important, but it doesn’t mean that we are going to contact a dryer cleaning service all the time.

Sadly, the failure to work with a professional dryer cleaning service can result in more problems than one might realize. For instance, not having a team of dryer cleaning professionals maintain the lines of your home’ duct work can result in significant build up – so much, possibly, that it makes them especially susceptible to catching fire and ultimately resulting in a fire department!

However, there are other reasons that cleaning the dryer and its associated parts is important. Here are but a few to consider:

  • Cleaning the duct work and lint tray will make your dryer work more efficiently.
  • The cleaner your dryer and its assorted parts and pieces are the more money you will save on energy costs. Many homeowners who keep their dryer and duct work clean save as much as $30 a month – as compared to those who do not have a a dryer cleaning service on a regular basis.
  • Dryers heat up to extremely high temperatures. As a result, any lint build up can pose a fire hazard. In fact, there are as many as 15,000 fires a year due to dryers.
  • Not cleaning out the dryer ducts, means that you are providing the perfect place for mold to grow. This mold can then seep into the airways of your home and result in your family becoming sick. In addition to mold, animals will nest in an unclean dryer duct, thus causing damage and inefficiency.
  • Carbon monoxide can more easily seep back into your home as it has a difficult time exiting through the clogged vent.

If you are unsure that it is time to clean out your dryer and its associated parts, pay attention the next time you do a load of laundry, and note the following:

  • Are the clothes taking more than one cycle?
  • Is the top of the dryer hot to the touch?
  • Are your clothes still damp?
  • Is there any water visible around or behind the dryer?
  • Do you smell anything foul when you open the dryer door?

Dryer cleaning services understand the value of your dryer and all its parts and pieces. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-maintained dryer. Do it yourself or call in a pro, but either way be sure that your dryer is never at risk for being the cause of a fire or other disheartening scenario.