AC Ducts Guide for Cleaning and Maintenance

If you’ve decided to clean your AC ducts, you’ve probably got a few questions. First, what does it cost? Second, how do you know when you need to do it?

Luckily, there are a few tips to help you determine when you should have them cleaned.


If your air ducts are contaminated with mold or vermin, it is time to have them cleaned. The cost of duct cleaning and maintenance depends on the size of the job and the area of your home.

Depending on the extent of the problem, the pest control work can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000, and the work may be required more than once.


Cleaning your air ducts can be an important aspect of keeping your system in peak condition. If you’re cleaning them yourself, make sure you protect yourself with protective gear.

This includes heavy-duty gloves, goggles, and a dust mask. You may also need a long hose to access ducts and remove screws.

How to clean?

There are several ways to clean your AC ducts. While you can use a standard vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your ducts, you may need to use a commercial-grade vacuum to clean them more thoroughly. Most industrial-grade vacuums have a longer hose that allows you to reach deeper ducts.

When cleaning the ducts, you want to remove the debris and dirt on the surface of the duct first, then work your way deeper into the duct or you can use the service of high profile professionals like ac duct cleaning Houston.

When to clean?

You may be wondering when to clean AC ducts. While it may seem like a logical maintenance activity, the truth is that it’s not always necessary. The EPA says that there’s no definitive evidence that air duct cleaning prevents health problems.

Additionally, studies have failed to prove that dirty ductwork contributes to higher particle levels in homes. The majority of dirt and grime in ductwork adheres to its surface and does not enter the air in the home.

Several factors can make ducts dirty, including home construction projects and the presence of mold or vermin.


There are several symptoms that indicate AC duct cleaning is needed, including excessive dust and odor. Firstly, it’s important to open one of the vent covers and look inside. If you see matted dust or a haze, the ducts are dirty.

Preventive measures

It is essential to clean the air ducts in your home to ensure that it is free of allergens and microbial contamination. If your ductwork is dirty, it will reduce the quality of the air you breathe and cause respiratory problems, as well as triggering asthma attacks.

Dirty ductwork is also a breeding ground for insects and vermin. It can also become blocked by accumulated debris.