How to Choose The Right Company

Every now and then one could face a spoiled carpet or upholstery. Doesn’t matter whether it is a red wine stain onto the carpet back in your home, or a coffee stain somewhere in your office, there is no doubt that you should be looking for a cleaning company, instead of trying to clean it by yourself and risk ending up with damaged carpet area or upholstery.

But one of the main questions you might have in mind, while browsing the web, is how to choose the right cleaning company.


To begin with, there are plenty of companies out there in the Internet. Each company has its own website with stunning design and pictures, making you crave for giving them your money and expect the marketing miracles to happen to your own carpet as well. But unfortunately not every company is the one which would provide you with the service advertised. Consequently, one should always be aware of certain features before rushing to a cleaning company.

First of all, before choosing a cleaning company, one of the most important thing that should be put into consideration is the Carpet Cleaning process itself. If you are a domestic customer, you would have several option. Some of the cleaning services you could expect to receive are wet cleaning method or steam cleaning commonly-known for its significantly-short drying time. Other services that could be offered are the so-called “dry cleaning methods”, where almost no water is used. Keep in mind, that some of the cleaning methods rely on strong chemicals, such as dry cleaning, while others rely on the power of steam and using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Thus, depending on your preference, you have to check entirely what you are about to book.

Secondly, of real importance is to check as much information as you can, connected with the respective company. Whether you will be talking to friends or family, who have already had experience with the company, or browse the web for customer reviews, make sure you will know in which hands exactly you are putting yourself.

Third of all, a huge MUST is to stay away from the lowest price options. Certainly you would prefer to save some money, but does that mean you will get a decent service? The answer is obvious – of course not. Little do clients know that most cheaper companies offer services at abnormally low prices just to get a foot in the door. Once the service has started, they will start identifying lots of not mentioned issues to upsell and, eventually, get you buy more expensive services. The decision should be always made, based on recommendations first, and the price should always be a second thought.

Fourthly, while making a booking with a certain company, never forget to ask different questions regarding what is included in the service and what is not. Almost every company puts some advertising campaigns with “hot and special” offers, which in most cases, unfortunately are still the base prices one would normally pay for the service. In order not to be misled, always ask what is included the price you are about to pay. Good questions would be whether the cleaners move furniture, whether they clean high-traffic areas or if there would be any additional cost for staircase cleaning.

Last but not least, get well-informed of the company’s employees. In the end, you are about to receive strangers in your home. You would surely want to make sure the cleaners’ pictures or backgrounds are displayed in the company’s website. No Carpet Cleaning Company which finds its cleaners professionals would hide any information about them. All in all, if any accident happens or any possession of yours is damaged, you will definitely want someone to be held responsible and to make amends.

In conclusion, there are countless organisations out there in the Internet. All of them want to make brilliant first impression by putting astonishing and professional-looking websites, highlighted special offers and, sometimes, extremely low prices. Nevertheless, not all of them would deliver the services advertised. This is the point where one should always make sure he is well-informed of the company’s background, what kind of services they offer and whether they are the ones you are looking for, whether it is really worth it getting a poor service on the lowest price or if the person who is coming to your home is really a professional cleaner. Once you have made sure a company is the one you are looking for, then the only thing would be putting yourself in their hands – they will gladly do the rest.