The Exclusive Guide to Wetpour Safety Surfacing

It is first important to understand what wetpour as a product is. It is an impact absorbing surface used for playgrounds and other exterior applications. Many of these are located in schools, nurseries and local authority playgrounds. It offers a softer, protective surface to ensure that children can play safely.

Beyond the safety aspect of this floor type is the fact that it is available in a wide range of colour choices. These can be used in isolation or as a combination to create the exact look that you are wishing to achieve. Incredible and amazing designs can also be applied with this product which again means that it extremely popular.

While it requires skill to install the surface, the options available really are limitless. Its installation is usually completed in a two-layer method. The lower layer is a coarser layer and works to offer a base to the top finishing layer. The top layer is the decorative finish so is finer in its appearance. The actual rubber crumb is bonded together with a binding product that has been specially formulated to ensure the longevity of the product.

It is imperative that the sub-base underneath the wetpour falls in line with detailed requirements. Wetpour safety surfaces can be used on a variety of bases, the most commonly used is MOT Type 1 which is recycled, crushed concrete and consists of varying sized rubble pieces. This can be flattened to provide an appropriate preparatory finish. The depth of the sub-base can determine the depth of the wetpour so it is important to seek professional advice when completing this part of your project.

Wetpour safety surfacing is a porous product. This means that water can drain through it and, so it is a surface that can be used all year-round. This is a hugely beneficial element of this product as well as the fact that it offers non-slip qualities. Children can play freely, and parents have the confidence that they will not slip. If any falls are to happen, that their little ones are safe from serious harm.

Some may not know about upkeep of this type of floor. After installation the rubber surface requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. Cleaning products can be used but it is always advisable to ensure these are suitable for rubber surfaces. It is important not to use bleach products on this surface as these may cause damage.

The best-served installation Ccmpanies also offer a service to deep clean and restore your wetpour surfaces. This provision is available for floors that have experienced high usage and weather-wear. Rotary machinery is used to deep clean the floor without damage. This restores it to like-new and will breathe new life into the play area. There are also repair services available. These are offered on an individual basis and will depend on the type and level of repair required.

Further benefits include the fact that this surface type comes with guarantees. It is likely that your surface will have at least a five-year guarantee, and this will be specified by your installation Company. Furthermore, this surface has been tested according to strict and exhaustive safety standards.

Each of the above elements discusses the benefits and all aspects about wetpour surfaces. This exclusive guide offers an insight into the growing popularity of this playground floor product.