Why Are Upholstered Beds the Hottest Choice for Beds?

The trend of bedroom furniture is changing all the time, and it is primarily the matter of comfort that makes the furniture units popular. At the moment, upholstered beds, which were invented in the 17th century, have a growing popularity all over the world. These beds are provided with soft padded cushions and fabric that give utmost comfort. The unique feature of these beds that sets them apart is their headboard which makes them gorgeous and functional. Read on to know the reasons behind the rising demand for these furniture units:

1) For Unbeatable Comfort

You must have noticed that many times you feel like you are sleeping on jagged rocks as your mattress is too uncomfortable, and due to this stiffness, you tend to get back pain. If that is so, then it is time to get an upholstered bed for your bedroom as it is just the right bed frame that would provide ultimate comfort to your body while you are sleeping. Its soft cushion upholstery is excellent to provide you with a sound sleep, and the best part with them is that you do not need to spend more on buying an expensive mattress.

Being highly comfortable and stylish, an upholstered bed is not just the favourite choice among adults; they are also the best option for a kids’ room as they like to play and sleep on its cushiony surface. Moreover, it is also a preferred choice for elderly people who often suffer insomnia as simply lying on these beds can help them sleep well.

2) Headboard that Supports Your Head and Backbone

Some of you might like to read your favourite books while lying in bed, on the other hand, many watch TV for a relaxing time. For all such activities, an upholstered bed is the most useful one. Its headboard is inclined in perfect angle and has a fully padded surface to support your backbone and head. While in earlier days, the headboards were mostly rectangular shaped, these days headboards are available in many attractive designs and shapes ranging from sharp, angular designs, to beautiful curves. So, you can pick a design that would go with the interior of your bedroom better.

3) Colours and Fabrics to Complement Your Interior Better

The materials used in upholstering these beds come in many varieties such as chenile, damask, faux suede and velvet which are highly versatile and go perfectly with every interior. Moreover, the colour palette available in these fabrics is enormous, and so you are free to choose your favourite shade.

Although many of you would like to get your bed matching with the existing theme of your space; if you want to create a “stand out” look inside your bedroom, try contrasting your bed with the existing colour scheme.

4) Eco-friendly Furniture Units

Upholstered bed are handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay utmost attention to the details. As they are created one piece at a time, each step is thoroughly inspected and adjusted before the next step is taken. This provides you with a high-quality, long-lasting furniture unit that is unusual and appealing.

As a handmade item is made with love, creativity and care, it is more reliable than a machine made product. Moreover, customisation is simply painless with a handmade product, and if you wish to change the style, fabric or material of your bed, you can easily get it done as per your requirement. Besides this, buying a handmade furniture unit makes you contribute to nature back as they are usually crafted from recycled material and do not create any manufacturing waste too. It is thus a simple way to contribute to the reduction of deforestation and fossil fuel erosion. Lastly, buying a handmade furniture unit also helps to support the livelihood of artisans.

5) Durability and Easy Maintenance

As the core framework of these beds is made from the best-quality solid hardwood, its body is highly sturdy and durable. Moreover, the softly cushioned upholstery protects the structure from any exertion that can cause breakage. The fabrics used in upholstering the surface are strong enough to tear apart easily. Besides all this, cleaning these beds is quite trouble-free as timely dusting or using your vacuum cleaner is enough to keep them in proper condition.

So finally, if you’re looking for a bed that is highly comfortable, stylish, durable, easy to maintain and imparts an ethnic feel to your space, then an upholstered bed seems to be the best option. As a bedroom furniture unit, it creates a point of focus to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Although earlier, they were popular only amongst the nobility and were usually large sized and ornately carved, these days they are available in all sizes, shapes and designs and you can easily choose the one that fits well with your room decor.