6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Air Purifier

It’s easy to use most air purifiers. All you need to do is switch the unit on and then leave it running. But you need to take a couple of steps to ensure your air purifier gives you the best performance. Given below are some of the tips that you may follow. Read on to find out more.

1. Let the unit keep running

There is nothing wrong about leaving the air purifier running all the time. These units use very little energy just like your laptop. Since air purification is a non-stop process, make sure you go for a unit that doesn’t use a lot of energy.

If you think you can turn the unit for a few hours and get your indoor air cleaned, you need to rethink your approach. It won’t work this way. What you need to do is let the device running even if you are out of your home for a full day.

2. Use it in your bedroom

If you spend most of your time in your bedroom, it’s better that place the unit in the same room. Also, these units tend to work better if you use them in the same room.

3. Keep the doors and windows closed

When the air purifier is running, don’t forget to keep the doors and windows closed. Leaving a window or door open will let the clean air get out. In other words, air purifiers tend to work better in closed spaces. So, we suggest that you open some doors and windows from time to time.

4. Set the direction of the unit

For best results, we suggest that you direct the flow of air to the breathing zone. If you place the unit in your bedroom, you don’t need to worry about where it’s pointed. On the other hand, if you place the unit in a large building, you should direct the flow of clean air to your face.

5. Avoid other units

It’s better that keep away from ozone generators and ionic air cleaners. The reason is that these units come with deceptive marketing claims. According to experts, ionic air cleaners are of no use. As a matter of fact, they can be quite harmful as well.

Almost all of these units generate ozone. And we know that ozone is not good for your lungs as it is a powerful irritant. Long-term exposure to ozone may cause asthma and allergy.

Therefore, we suggest that you stick to the units recommended by doctors. These units contain HEPA air filters that can be safe against a lot of foreign elements.

6. Replace filters

For maximum efficiency, we suggest that you get the filters replaced as soon as you can. As time goes by, filters tend to collect pollutants and lose their efficiency. Therefore, you may want to follow filter replacement instructions by reading the owner’s manual. This is to make sure the unit will continue to work optimally.

In short, you can follow these tips to get the most out of your air purifier.