What are the benefits of renting a garden apartment?

Garden apartments are the ones that look quite similar to those of the basement apartments but there is a difference in both as well. the basement apartments are below the street level while garden apartments are somewhere between the basement and ground floor so that it has an access to the garden and the patios and the people living in these apartments can enjoy the perks of all types of apartments.

There are pros and cons linked to renting a garden apartment and this post is going to help you learn about them well. take a look below and know what these apartments have to offer you.


  • The people who have to work at night and they need to take rest in the morning, these apartments are a perfect idea for them because here they can sleep well all day without actually having to face the sunlight a lot.
  • Access to these apartments is very easy since they are neither too high above the ground nor too low, so if you have some disabled people at home as well, you can always trust the garden apartments for that.
  • Since the street level is close, your furry friends of yours will also be very happy here as they won’t need to have the trouble of going up or down the flight of stairs.
  • You can also save a good amount of money on renting these apartments as they are around 30 percent less in rent compared to the apartments above the ground.
  • They can be ideal for conserving energy because they are good both for the summer and the winter seasons.


  • If you are a fan of natural daylight, the garden apartments might not be the ideal deal for you as they lack this light and artificial sources for lighting up the space are to be used.
  • Dampness, pests, and fungus could be your friends in this apartment if you are not taking necessary preventive measures.
  • The views from the windows are not great to look at when you are in the garden apartments.

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